Semiotics is a science of signs and/or sign systems. It has a very significant role it corporate communication where organizations attempt to comprehend the culture and the values of their target market and accordingly device strategies to attract and lure them. It is thus an elemental study of the signs, signals and pointers which attempt to correlate the relevance and meaning of a sign to its environmental parlance. Semiotic is the branch of study which identifies the way a meaning is deciphered rather than expressing the actual meaning of a word.

Signifier is a unit of semiotic which brings out the relevance of any material object in terms of its meaning. For instance it explains the meaning of words written on a script, a visual image, non-verbal expressions etc. Signified on the other hand refers to the basic concept that the signifier explains and directs. When a signifier is combined with signified it is referred to as semiotic branch of study.

Semiotic has its own dictionary where certain words refer to the basic concept of this branch. Sign is the smallest unit of a clear meaning which supports the communicator to express his thoughts or opinions. This sign can take diversified forms and is widely used in non-verbal and written and graphic communication.

Symbolic signs are usually cultural specific and if not deciphered in correct frame of reference can result in being a communication barrier. Symbolic signs both verbal and non-verbal should be used only if the communicator is well versed with the cultural background.

Iconic sign refers to those signs where both signifier and signified resemble and form a unified meaning. For instance a picture or a graphic illustration which remains constant takes the form of an iconic sign.

Semiotic study has great relevance in the field of marketing and branding. The practical application of semiotic is quite relevant in this field as the marketers know that humans associate with signs and symbols more than the words. Thus the emotions and even the logical interpretations are captured through the signs which make a strong impact on a human mind and thus bring them closer to the intended meaning of the message communicated.

Companies try to associate their brands with sign systems that have historical and cultural significance to enter the comfort area in the people’s subconscious minds. When a firm positions a brand by giving it some cultural, actual and historical relevance, people start looking at the brand with curiosity ensuring that the brand never loses its shine. In fact, the brand will never bore the audience and will keep its freshness for years together. Apple computers are a good example of the successful use of semiotics. The apple fruit has a relevance dating back to Adam and Eve and also has scientific relevance in terms of Newton’s gravitational theory. The apple is considered the fruit of a genius and that is how the fruit was taken as a symbol to represent a top class personal computer with advanced functional capabilities.